Application Note flowCAT for tuning stereoselective hydrogenations of API's
Hydrogenation of organic substrates to achieved desired product slates can be difficult and expensive using conventional stirred reaction. The HEL flowCAT overcomes many difficulties with inherent flexibility, an accessible interface and features for easy use by specialist and non-specialist chemists alike.
Enantio- and Diastereoselective Hydrogenation of Pharmaceutical Intermediates
A presentation from Dr Joel M. Hawkins, Chemical Research and Development at Pfizer PharmaTherapeutics, at the Stereochemistry Gordon Conference, Newport, Rhode Island, August 4, 2010.
FlowCAT - continuous flow reactor system for hydrogenation screening and small scale production
A presentation given by Dr Jasbir Singh at the Chemistry Today 2nd Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications, about the developments of the FlowCAT system, including performance data and examples of the use of DOE with hydrogenation reactions, carried out on a continuous flow reactor. Have a look at the presentation that includes data recently presented by Dr Joel Hawkins of Pfizer.