PhiTEC BTC // Batterie Test Kalorimeter
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The Phi-TEC family is a range of adiabatic safety tools, which form the backbone of a modern safety laboratory - including HEL's own Hazard Evaluation Consultancy division. The principle of operation is based around the " ARC® " device, developed by Dow in the late 1970s - but advanced to a new level of performance.

First developed in 1987, the PhiTEC range has been evolved and grown in consultation with our clients demands and now offers entry-level to specialist systems to accomodate the needs of any safety professional.



The classic "ARC® - type" adiabatic calorimetry employing high-pressure 8mL "bombs" in Stainless steel or Hastelloy. It can be used for testing liquids, powders and slurries to determine thermal and kinetic data used to deetermine safe conditions for processing, storage and transportation - including parameters such as SADT and TMR.

Small Batteries (up to 18650 size) and battery components can also be tested in this calorimeter.



The Phi-TEC II is the is a low-thermal inertia calorimeter which can be used for vent-sizing, process runaway analysis, and generating thermal and kinetic data. It can be operated with standard "ARC-cells" for testing, but importantly can be used with larger, thin-walled test vessels. This is made possible by the use of a controlled "padding" pressure on the outside of the test cell. The padding pressure rises, matching the pressure rise in the test cell, avoiding ruptures.

The thin walls of the Phi-TEC II vessel means they have a low "phi-factor" - perfect for predicting the response of the system on a large-scale plant.



The "Battery Testing Calorimeter" or BTC is an evolution on HEL's classic range of Phi-TEC adiabatic calorimeters - extending the class into the increasingly important field of energy storage devices (up to 35 x 35cm).

The BTC is a specialised version of the Phi-TEC 1 and retains all of it's features, but with the addition of a large testing chamber suitable for large batteries (eg EV & HEV). The system is suitable for testing the full range of battery types, from common AA to vehicle batteries or specialist military/aerospace applications.